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Mckeon Products celebrates 50 years of making Mack’s Ear Plugs

December 13, 2012
By Tom Watts for The Macomb Daily

Devin and Dan Macks Ear Plugs

A family owned business started by a musician in the basement of his Pleasant Ridge home is now a global manufacturer located in Warren.

McKeon Products Inc., located at 25460 Guenther, makes Mack’s Ear Plugs and has for 50 years, said Devin Benner, CEO of McKeon Products. The company was founded in 1962 by his father, Raymond Benner.

“He was an up-and-coming symphony orchestra musician who crossed paths with an elderly pharmacist who wanted to sell his ear plugs business,” Devin Benner said of his father.

Raymond and his wife, Cecilia, purchased Mack’s Earplugs for $2,000, which made ear plugs out of a moldable clay mixture.

Devin Benner, however, said his father always wanted to improve the product.
“He thought a stickier, more malleable substance would better seal out water, thus preventing the annoyance of water-clogged ears,” he said. “He knew a waterproof earplug would also help prevent the painful outer ear infections (swimmer’s ear).”

Benner said his father soon discovered “the world’s first moldable silicone ear plugs” and changed the company’s name to Mack’s Pillow Soft Earplugs.