What to Pack: Camping Essentials

From climbing Mount Thielsen to paddling the rivers of Washington State’s North Cascades, Brooklyn-based product designer and avid thrill seeker Tom Bonamici has spent a lifetime hiking, camping, and backpacking—not to mention road testing gear in the great outdoors. His essentials range from old-school comforts to high-performance pieces like Yama’s ultra-lightweight Cirriform SW tent. “Apart from your map, compass, and first aid kit, this is the gear you’ll need to feel right at home on a campsite,” Bonamici says. “Even if you’re a city slicker.” LINDSAY TALBOT

1. Sierra Designs DriDown sleeping bag: “Extra lightweight and compressible, these bags stay dry ten times longer than untreated down.” ($230)

2. Woodlands Chunky beanie: “All wool, all warm, and made in the U.S.A.” ($35)

3. Mack’s Ear Plugs: “If there’s a bump in the night but you can’t hear it, is it still scary?” ($5)

4. Ibex Woolies 150 Zip Tee: “Supersoft warm layers are key.” ($90)

5. Vintage novels: “You’ve got to have a few paperbacks on hand for when there’s no reception.”

6. Eddie Bauer Ragg Wool Socks: “Always pack a spare pair of socks to sleep in, should yours get soaked during your hike.” ($13)

Macks Ear Plugs Cont Nast