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NAMM June 6, 2014 Mack’s® Ear Plugs from McKeon Products, Inc. Helping Prevent Swimmer’s Ear Since 1962 NAMM June 16, 2014What To Pack: Camping Essentials
NAMM June 6, 2014 Mack’s® Ear Plugs Partners with Walmart, Creates New Packaging for Products NAMM July 1, 2013Mack's Ear Plugs Featured In Good Housekeeping
NAMM May 1, 2014 McKeon Products, Inc. is Leading the Way with New and Innovative Pacesetting Products NAMM May 18, 2013Manufacturer in Warren to be honored for export success
NAMM April 1, 2014Nozoil®Nasal Spray More Effective than Traditional Saline Sprays NAMM April 13, 2013Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs featured in Field & Stream Magazine article "Stop That Noise"
NAMM April 1, 2014Airmax™ Nasal Device Coming Soon to Retailers’ Shelves Near You NAMM December 12, 2012Mckeon Products celebrates 50 years of making Mack's Ear Plugs
NAMM February 28, 2014McKeon Products Inc. introduces the new Nozoil Nasal Spray® from the makers of Mack's® NAMM October 7, 201250-year-old Warren ear plugs maker makes nearly 300 products, still growing
NAMM January 28, 2014Mack's® Named #1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Ear Plugs April, 2012McKeon Products featured in Corp Magazine article "Made in Michigan"
NAMM January 16, 2014Mack's® is the Official Hearing Protection of 2014 NAMM Show November 9, 2011Mack's Earplugs sponsors State Champions
NAMM December 4, 2013Mckeon Products, Inc. Celebrates 50 Plus Years with Mack's® Ear Plugs and More FlywayHighway September 12, 2011New Mack's Shooters products featured on Flyway Highway TV.
NAMM November 4, 2013Mack's® Ear Plugs Celebrates 10 Year Partnership with Extreme Swimmer Pedro Ordenes New York Times June 24, 2011Mack's® Ultra Foam Earplugs Most Effective in NYC Sound Test
NAMM October 29, 2013AIRMAX™ Nasal Device Debuts at International ENT Show in Vancouver FlywayHighway October, 2010
Mack’s® Shooter's Putty Earplugs were featured on the hit TV show "Flyway Highway".
NAMM September 26, 2013McKeon Products Inc. introduces the new AIRMAX Nasal Device from the makers of Mack's® San Fran Chronicle May, 2010Inspirational swimmer names Mack's® Earplugs as gear he can't live without.
NAMM September 13, 2013McKeon Products Inc. introduces Mack's® ThermaFit Ear Plugs Wallet Roll Ups October, 2009Mack’s® Ear Dryer was featured a second time on the hit TV show The Doctors. See Dr. Jim's tip for helping prevent ear infections.

NAMM September 12, 2013McKeon Products Inc. introduces Mack's® Spotless Screen & Lens Wipes Habitat for Humanity October, 2009Detroit News names McKeon Products a Michigan-based company that can help improve your home.

NAMM September 12, 2013McKeon Products Inc. introduces Mack's® Hi Viz Shooters Ear Plugs Kelton Research June, 2009McKeon Products named one of Corp! Magazines "Michigan Bright Spots" award winners

NAMM June 12, 2013H.E.A.R® Mack's® and NAMM Team Up To Provide Free Mack's® Ear Plugs For Summer NAMM Show  Breast Cancer Research May, 2009 Mack’s® CEO, Devin Benner, interviewed by Xplor the Outdoors Radio Show
NAMM May 20, 2013McKeon Products, Inc. Receives Presidential Award for Exports   Wallet Roll Ups May, 2009
Mack’s® EarDryer was featured on the hit TV show The Doctors, on which they discussed methods to help avoid swimmer's ear infections.

NAMM April 1, 2013The Official Ear Plugs Supplier of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon   60 MIN May, 2009ESPN Article featuring
Mack's® Shooter's Putty Ear Plugs

NAMM Dec 15, 2011H.E.A.R.® and NAMM® Team Up to Provide Free Mack’s Ear Plugs and More for Winter NAMM Show Attendees in Anaheim      

Habitat for Humanity October, 2009McKeon Products donates earplugs to Habitat for Humanity of Michigan