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Mack's Fun Facts

Cecilia Benner|Hearing Protection

  • Ray Benner invented the silicone earplug back in 1962.

  • Co-inventor, Cecilia Benner, appeared twice on the game show "What's My Line?" in the 1960's. "Making Earplugs" was her unusual line of work.

  • Joan Lunden gave a box of Mack's® Earplugs to her successor as part of a "Good Morning America Survival Kit" on her last show.

  • Mack's® Earplugs were the first earplugs used in a World Series Baseball Game.
  • Masters swimmer, Lois Nochman, broke 18 world records while using Mack's® Earplugs to help prevent swimmer's ear.
  • Lois Nochman|Swimmers Hearing Protection
  • Mack's® is the official ear care of USA Swimming®.

Cool Quotes

"At about $4 for a pack of ten pairs, Mack’s SafeSound foam earplugs might be the best value on the planet. Roll up a pair, shove them in your ears, and the crying baby whose parents won’t take my suggestion of giving him Vodka quickly becomes a non-issue.
- An excerpt from "The Tools of My Travel Trade"
-Peter Shankman – CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Adventurist – New York, NY

"The most effective plugs are fabricated from a malleable, adherent silicone. My brand of choice is Mack's, recommended by an American Airline attendant who struck up a conversation after falling over my chair at the sight of Brad Pitt boarding our New York-L.A. flight."
- " 9 Hours Are Good, 10 Are Better, The on the road rules of a sleep miser."
- Amy Fine Collins, Travel and Leisure Magazine

"Thank you so much for the earplugs. The team used them for travel to the PAC 10's and will re-use them for the NCAA's."
- Skip Kenny, Stanford University and 1996 Olympic Swimming Head Coach.

"With about 50 laps left and Dale Jarret and Mark Martin jostling at the front of the pack, I insert my Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs and descend to the bottom of the hippodrome, squeezing into a space about 30 rows from the track."
- "Fast Times In Stock Car Country"
- Peter De Jong, National Geographic Magazine