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Shooters Double-Up Safety Kit

Item # 4464

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What’s included in the Double-Up Safety Kits?
  • Low-profile, lightweight, foldable and fully adjustable earmuffs 
  • 5 sets of Mack’s® Shooters Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs
  • Safety glasses
  • Glasses carrying pouch
  • 5 pre-moistened lens wipes

* These come in your choice of camouflage, pink or black earmuffs with your choice of clear, yellow or smoke safety glasses.

What’s the Noise Reduction Rating of the ear plugs and ear muffs alone and combined?
Click here for more information on the Noise Reduction Ratings.  

Why is it always a good idea to wear ear plugs and earmuffs together?
The practice of wearing two layers of hearing protection simultaneously is called “Doubling-up”. Hearing protection is often improperly applied/worn and wearing safety glasses, “butting up” or head or facial hair can sometimes allow noise to incidentally sneak past the cushioned seals on earmuffs. By doubling-up with earplugs and earmuffs, the user has an added layer of protection to help minimize the harmful effects of incidental noise intrusion when it occurs. Incidental exposure aside, doubling-up increases noise reduction performance and maximizes the user’s protection factor. It’s your hearing. Protect it.

Will these earmuffs fit kids?
The earmuffs are adjustable and designed to fit kids to adults.

Are the earmuffs bulky and uncomfortable, like others I’ve tried?
Because these earmuffs are low-profile, lightweight, fully adjustable and feature a padded band, users find them very comfortable.

Do you offer replacement parts or hygiene kits for these earmuffs?
No, but the earmuffs can be cleaned by gently wiping them down with mild soap and water.