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Are these lens wipes safe to use on plastic surfaces?
Mack's® Lens Wipes are specifically formulated for cleaning glass, plastic, and polycarbonate.

How are the lens wipes packaged?
Each wipe comes wrapped in it's own packet, making it convenient to store anywhere.

The wipes feel much dryer than typical "wet wipes" that you use for cleaning hands and such.  Why is that?
Len wipes are specifically designed to clean flatter hard surfaces and to dry quickly so that you can see clearly and safely in a hurry.

Do Mack's® Lens Wipes have anti-fog properties?
Yes, they are not only anti-fog, but also anti-static and anti-streak.

Are these lens wipes safe to use on my anti-reflective coated lenses, computer screens and large-screen televisions?
Our lens wipes contain alcohol. While alcohol is a very effective cleaning agent, it may be damaging to some anti-reflective coatings. Please check with the manufacturer of your lenses and/or electronic components regarding their cleaning recommendations and follow their guidelines. We are not responsible for damage caused by misuse.

What should be done if a person or pet has ingested/swallowed one of these lens wipes?
An ingested lens wipe may cause gastric or intestinal irritation. Seek immediate medical attention or contact a Poison Control Center.