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Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs - Kids Size

Item # 10
"I love the kid's size Mack's ear plugs.  My kids use them with no complaints.  They will get them and remind me they need them.  They will even put them in themselves."

- C.L.C. - Lake Charles, LA

"My daughter had tubes inserted in her ears at about 10 months old due to chronic ear infections. Accordingly, she cannot get ANY water in her ears, which makes it extremely difficult to give her a bath. My wife & I tried a couple of different ear plugs (all of which didn't fit her ear, or were painful for her) before we found MACK'S PILLOW SOFT. Mack's are a lifesaver!! The earplugs are EASY to put in her ears, comfortable for her, and definitely block out all of the water. They also are cheaper in price than most of the others, which is key as we use a few packs a month. We've been using Mack's Earplugs for about 8 months, and will continue to use them not only until the tubes come out, but for years to come (whether it be for swimming or whatever). For earplugs for any age, especially children, Mack's are the best choice on the market!"

- Scott Natick - Massachusetts

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.