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"As a sea kayaker who spends a lot of time practicing Eskimo rolls, your Mack's AquaBlock Earplugs work perfectly for keeping the water out of my ears. They are the best I've found."

- Aaron Stander, Avid kayaker and novelist - Interlochen, MI

"I wear Mack’s AquaBlock ear plugs every time I surf. My left ear canal has grown 95% closed due to surfer’s ear.  The use of your earplugs have prevented my condition from worsening. Most importantly, I don't get swimmer’s ear infections when I wear them. I will eventually get surgery on my left ear to restore the size of my ear canal opening, but as long I keep wearing the ear plugs, I can delay this nasty procedure. I will continue to use Mack’s AquaBlock earplugs the rest of my life!"

- Larry Reyes - Huntington Beach, CA

"I was the only one out of six of my friends using Mack's AquaBlock Earplugs for the NYC Triathlon.  I was also the only one who didn't get an ear infection from swimming in the Hudson.  Go Mack's!"

- Peter Shankman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Adventurist - New York, NY

"I tried the Mack's Aquablock Earplugs, and they were perfect. They were a breeze, and when kept well, reusable. I love them for working out in the pool! I highly recomend them.  P.S. - My ear canal is on the smaller size and they still fit great."

- Elizabeth - Philadelphia, PA

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.