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"Mack's SafeSound Soft Foam Earplugs keep it quiet. I am amazed at what I sleep through now. A bonus is they don't hurt my ears, like others I have tried."

- Martha - Fort Irwin, CA

"Mack's SafeSound Soft Foam Earplugs are amazing. They don't block out all noise - you can still hear the alarm clock in the morning and certain small noises like the cling of a tin can hitting the desk. You can hear coughing etc. It does block out the bass from loud music, the faucet, the tapping of the key board-etc. I'm a college student and my roommate and neighbors are loud all night/morning long. I get the best sleep from these comfortable beauties. I love them!"

- Asia Thompson - Brick, NJ

"I LOVE Mack's SafeSound Earplugs! They are very comfortable and easy to use. They block out all of those annoying sounds that can keep you up! They are a great buy."

- Amy - Allen, TX

"LOVE these Mack's SafeSound Earplugs--have given several sets away and brag about them to friends and family. I'm a light sleeper and my hubby snores. And outside noises (barking dogs, truck traffic, thunderstorms, etc.) keep me from falling asleep. These are comfortable and allow me to get the sleep I need. Also great for the gym to "dull" blaring music while still being able to hear the essentials. I also keep a pair with me for shopping. If a store has continual loudspeaker announcements or awful music, these save the day and allow me to shop in peace. EXCELLENT product at a great price!"

- Deborah T - Middletown, DE

"I LOVE THEM. Mack's SafeSound Foam Earplugs really keep the noise out and they're really comfortable.  I study with them at the library, at cafes, at bookstores--everywhere. I also sleep with them. Add a sleep mask and its the best sleep you'll ever get. I'm not a sensitive sleeper, but a noiseless and lightless night is always great."

- Phillip - Huntington Beach, CA

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.