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“I love the sound of the wind especially here in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, but after several hours on my Harley, the wind noise is deafening and wearing. I tried many different earplugs - standard ones, ones with cords, even custom made ones for $100. Then I tried your Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs. They are the absolute best! Your ear plugs are everything I could hope for. They block out the wind noise very well. I can ride for hours without ringing in my ears. Of course, they also block out the loud pipes but I can still hear and sense the engine tone which is important as you choose gears. Additionally, when installed correctly, per your directions, they sit deep in my ears and do a great job without being obvious and noticeable. Thanks for a good product.”

- Kerry Brock - Santa Fe, NM

“At about $4 for a pack often pairs, Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs might be the best value on the planet. Roll up a pair, shove them in your ears, and the crying baby whose parents won’t take my suggestion of giving him Vodka quickly becomes a non-issue. (An excerpt from The Tools of My Travel Trade)”

- Peter Shankman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

“1 just want to let you know that your Mack’s Earplugs are the very best earplugs I’ve ever used. I’m referring to both the Pillow Soft Earplugs and the Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs. Mack’s foam earplugs have none of the drawbacks of the other brands. They are not too hard (like that brand of ***** earplugs); they are not too rough (like ****** earplugs); and their tapered shape is just perfect. You really make some good products.”

- Caleb Murdock

“Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs are a lifesaver. My boyfriend snores loudly every night. For the longest time I wouldn’t sleep well and I’d keep elbowing him to stop snoring. I finally I decided to try earplugs. These work great. I sleep through the night now. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has a partner that snores.”

- Paige - Daly City, CA

I love your product! I wear Mack's Ultra Soft Foam 32-decibel blockage foam earplugs and I don't leave home without them! I would be happy to run a spot for your company anytime! You guys are great! Thanks!"

- Todd Hamo - Anaheim, California

After trying many of the earplugs on the market, Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs are the only plugs I use. As a metal musician, I require certain elements that are difficult to find in one single plug. Tours average a month and our headlining set is an intense, energetic wall of loud sound with barely any breaks. Therefore, a plug must fit properly without slipping, block the maximum amount of decibels and allow the right sounds through the plug. In addition to those items, it should be clean with no residue, comfortable and camouflaged so that it isn't blatantly obvious in photos. These plugs cover every requirement in one package!

- J.J. Hrubovcak - New Jersey

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.