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Roll-Ups Wallet Ear Plugs

Item # 9876
“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Mack’s hearing protection’s Roll-Up Wallet Ear Plugs. These fit easily between two credit cards, and have come into use for many emergencies, when my standard ear plugs were not available. I am a longtime user of earplugs, have conducted research on hearing protection and hearing loss, and I rate Mack’s ear plugs at the top. I am glad that they are now offering ear plugs for musicians. Keep up the great work.

- Dr. Craig Woodson - Chagrin Falls, OH

"Mack’s Roll-Ups Wallet Earplugs are the coolest, eye-catching, hearing conservation item I’ve ever seen!"

- Michelle Batson, Doctor of Audiology - Seattle, WA

"As a State Park Ranger for California State Parks, you never know when you will be in a high noise situation. Landing helicopters at crash sites, using a chainsaw to clear a trail or road or test firing weapons after inspections. I always carry a set of Mack's Roll-up Wallet Earplugs in my wallet so I know my hearing is protected under any circumstance. I also keep a few packs in my "Go Bag" so I can give them out to other officers on scene. Very comfortable and easy to use, I would recommend that all officers and emergency personnel carry a set with them while on duty."

- Gary Brennan, State of California Park Ranger - Santa Cruz, CA

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