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Slim Fit Soft Foam Ear Plugs

Item # 91
"Thank you so much for making Mack's Slim Fit soft foam ear plugs! I suffer with being a light sleeper, so these Slim Fit ear plugs have been a life saver! I can wear them every night without irritating my ears. That has always been a problem in the past with other brands and sizes: my ears would always be sore, so I'd have to discontinue use after a while. But not with Mack's Slim Fit.

Living in an apartment means sometimes there's some activity outside late at night, around our parking lot. Also, my wife and I both snore quite a bit. So these Slim Fit ear plugs have become part of my nightly routine. When I buy the larger 50-count container, I only end up spending $6 a month to greatly improve the quality of my sleep. And that's even when using a brand new pair EVERY night! These are reusable, but I prefer a new pair every night to reduce any possible irritation.

Whenever I travel, Mack's Slim Fit ear plugs are always part of my packing list. The sleep quality I get from any other size or brand of ear plugs just can't compare with these.

Thank you for improving my sleep. I can't live without these."

- John Suit - State College, PA

"Great earplugs for smaller ears! They work well and are comfortable to wear."

- Amy - Cottonwood, CA

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.