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"I've just tried your Macks silicone putty earplugs for the first time and I cannot thank you enough. You may have saved my sanity and my relationship. I've got a snorer. I've been losing a lot of sleep and getting fairly moody. Your product might as well glow it's so magic. Thank you!"

- Tina - Boise, ID

"Last year, I had radical surgery on my left ear.  As a result, I'm not supposed to get water in my left ear ever again. Also, at the time, I was not allowed to stick anything into my ear canal because of the medical packing. The Doctor's instructions were less than complete. When I asked him how to keep out the water, he suggested wrapping a plastic bag around my ear and securing it with surgical tape (a less than ideal solution). I found your Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs to be the absolute perfect solution. They do everything the Doctor asked and more. I am thrilled with your product. Thank you very much for creating something that prevents me from looking like an idiot with a plastic bag on the side of my head."

- Rick - Plano, TX

"I'm a huge fan of Mack's Earplugs as they're the only ones I use when I lap swim.  Until I found Mack's, I'd consistently get one or two ear infections a year....since using Mack's not a one!"

- Becky H. - Bellefontaine, OH

"Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs are the very best (and I tried most of the rest before I found Mack's almost 10 years ago), and the 6 pair pack is such a bargain. They are the comfortable alternative for those of us who have problems inserting anything into our ear canals, and they allow just enough sound to get through (in case the smoke alarm goes off, or UPS is knocking)."

- Anne - Seattle, WA

"Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs do a GREAT job blocking out sound.  These are soft, stay in place, and absolutely block most sounds out. They are a lifesaver when travelling or if you have loud neighbors. I'm a light sleeper, but with these, I can and have slept through next door college neighbors throwing a keg party, and went to work rested the next day."

- Andrea - Athens, OH

"I travel a lot and Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs work great for me on long flights.  They even work around heavy construction and block out 80% of noise from construction/babies that are 10 feet away."

- Rachel - Kirkland, WA

"Your earplugs make me a better person!  I am a 47 year old Neurosurgeon in St. Joseph, MO.  During my years of training, I became very familiar and dependant on Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs.  Struggling, I lived in tight quarters during med school and residency.  Those around me didn't understand the need I had for sleep, and often partied and played loud music at the only times I had to rest.  Without Mack's Earplugs, I wouldn't have made it.  I have worn Mack's Earplugs Every Night (and sometimes during daytime naps) for over 20 years.  Other brands just don't work.   When traveling, they are a packing priority.  

Recently, I had a back injury for which I needed to have an MRI scan.  I didn't take my Mack's Earplugs with me, and used the hospital provided foam ear plugs.  Worthless.  The scanner is SO loud. Needless to say, when I had a follow up MRI scan, I took my Mack's Earplugs and had a MUCH more comfortable experience.  I am now going to recommend my patients bring their own Mack's Earplugs when having their MRIs.  Thank you!"

- G. Bedynek - St. Joseph, MO

"Due to "surfer's ear", both of my ears canals had grown about 75% closed last year. Water went in but didn't not come out (heard lots of popping, sand gritting, etc.) and I got some swimmer's ear infections. To prevent my ears from getting worse and to avoid the doctor's drill surgical procedure to open my ear canals back up I started wearing Mack's (soft silicone) earplugs. Liked the fact that they don't actually go in ear canal since I have had problems in the past with earwax blocking my ear canals. Have been using Mack's soft silicone plugs every time when surfing now and have NOT had any more ear problems! I should have worn them years ago and not waited so long. Luckily I may still be able to avoid the drill after all!"

- Todd B. - Laguna Beach, CA

"As a professional musician, I took the Mack's Pillow Soft Ear Plugs for a "test run" on a national tour.  Guess what?  You have a brand new, life-long customer.  For so many years, I have played, but have always, always had "after concert consequences" - terrible ringing in the ears (tinnitus) spawned from decades of playing and simply enjoying my music.
Mack's earplugs have not healed my tinnitus, but they have kept the problem from being accentuated.  By that, I mean your product works so well that I can play and not feel any heightened degree of ringing or pain.  I had a sense that such a quality product might just do the trick.  I can play again and not be hindered by bothersome, aggravating, annoying ringing in the ears.  Mack's Earplugs have literally given me back my music.  I would have never, ever considered another tour, or the studio work that I do if I did not have the protection that Mack's Ear Plugs afford.  I am the happiest customer you have - thank you for taking your time and expertise in sharing ear-saving wisdom with a musician like me.

P.S. I wish I could tell every up-and-coming musician (or pro) to "Watch out, ear damage can happen - even when you least expect it."  If I had a sign in the sky, I would tell musicians to protect their hearing.  And the best way to do it is with Mack's."

- Michael Farley - CEO/inventor/musician

"I think I've tried every type of ear plug on the market. Not only did they not stay in through the night but did nothing for the freight train of a snorer my husband happens to be. I finally found Mack's silicone ear plugs and I fell in love. They are easy to put in, stay in all night long, and lo and behold, I can not hear my husband's snoring even though he is inches from my head. I keep a pair bedside, in my travel bag and in our camper. My search for ear plugs is over. Mack's silicone ear plugs is my solution to LOUD snoring. Thanks Mack's."

- Kathy Long - Austin, TX

"I've been meaning to contact Mack's Ear Plugs for a very long time. Mack's have seriously saved my life.

I am a musician and I have played since I was 5 years old. I'm now 41. I have very sensitive ears and wake up even to the sounds of birds chirping. I first used Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs while traveling in Vietnam in 2001, because a friend had recommended I bring them due to the noise there. I was very happy I brought the simple Mack's two-pair pack with me.

Since then, I've toured throughout the U.S. & Europe many times, lived outdoors in Mexico, lived with housemates, snoring girlfriends, trash trucks and horribly loud neighbors. I now buy your multi-pair value packs, and I'll be leaving for my 7th European tour next week with Mack's Earplugs packed for nightly use.

I just wanted to thank Mack's for years of helping me sleep. I have sleep issues and noise really contributes to those problems. So, THANK YOU Mack's. I have recommended them to everyone, and now my Mom, who is also sensitive to sound, uses them.

Once again, thank you, Mack's."

- Gentry Bronson - San Francisco, CA - Singer-songwriter, Pianist, Producer

This product (Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs) has meant the difference in my quality of life. I have been living in chronic pain for 17 years and being able to get enough uninterrupted sleep is critical to my being able to stay functional. When I first received the product, I was living 50 yards from railroad tracks that passed by 6 times a day, blowing the whistle each time. These earplugs allowed me to sleep right through the trains passing even at 3 AM.

- Reva Hash - Waynesboro, VA

Mack's Ear Plugs are the best product. I have been using them for more years than I can count. I live in a noisy building and they not only block out the noise, they stand up to multiple wearings. Last week I went to CVS where I've been buying Mack’s and they no longer carry them. I purchased their brand which look similar to Mack's brand. The first night one fell out, the next night and throughout the week bits and pieces were left on my pillowcase - yuck. Never happened with Mack's. Now I have to figure out where to buy them.They're the best!

- Gail Trubow - Needham Heights, MA

"I have been using Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Ear Plugs when I swim. As I was recently traveling and hoping to have the opportunity to swim, I brought them with me. As is typical for me, during the descent of the airplane, I suffered from such intense inner ear pain that the only way to describe it would be taking an ice pick and stabbing the eardrum. It also leads to intense anxiety before the trip and upon landing it would not be advisable for anyone to be in my way as I debark from the airplane and exit the airport. It is such a constant problem when I fly that I avoid it as much as possible. I have tried all sorts of techniques to combat this pain (e.g., decongestants, chewing gum, Earplanes screw–in ear plugs, etc.) without relief. When packing to leave, I noticed my Mack’s Pillow Soft Ear Plugs. Having nothing to lose, I tried them for my return flight that included one lay over (and thus two insufferable landings). There was no pain at all!! It would not have occurred to me use the Pillow Soft ear plugs as I never see them in airport shops. They only sell the Earplanes that screw into the ear. I tried those once and while they did alleviate some of the problem, they did not do much more than slightly reduce it. You should market Mack's Pillow Soft ear plugs for airplane discomfort in the airport shops."

- Linda Garramone - Bayshore, NY

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