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Shooters For Her Foam Ear Plugs

Item # 4793
“These ear plugs are GREAT GREAT GREAT! I have small ear canals and so most ear plugs are uncomfortable for me to wear. Not these ones, though! They're quite comfortable while doing their job. I shoot (as part of the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club) and these earplugs muffle the sound nicely. They're so convenient I've taken to carrying them in my purse for when I unexpectedly find myself needing them, like at the movie theatre! Going to the movies often hurts my ears, as they have the volume jacked up. If I wear these, I can hear the movie just fine, but don't experience the deafening sound that hurts! I've had them for over a year and am quite pleased.”

- Alana C., Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club - Ontario Canada

"Mack's Soft Foam Earplugs are super comfortable because they take the shape of my ear canal. They don't block sound 100%, but for me they block it enough so I can sleep peacefully. They have become one of my best friends when traveling, especially if I'm traveling by plane. They are great. I gave some to my parents, who are addicted to earplugs and they say these are by far the best they ever owned!"

- Marina K. Villatoro, Central America Travel Expert, pick of the week - Hewitt, NJ

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.