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Shooters Moldable Silicone Putty Ear Plugs

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"I definitely recommend Mack's Shooter’s Putty to anyone involved in shooting sports. I'm an avid hunter, but I also shoot trap competitively. I tested this product out at a weekend shoot and I have to say that after shooting at 600 targets, these plugs worked great. They're very comfortable all day and fit so perfectly, I didn't even notice they were there. Great buy for the money!"

- Scott Skaggs - Claypool, AZ

"I've used various types of ear protection over several years of weapons training and recreational shooting. Mack's Shooter’s Putty are, by far, the best of them all. They are very easy to use, fit any ear shape, and do not come out unexpectedly. Because they mold to the outer ear, they don't irritate your ears. This type of protection and sound suppression has been a long time coming."

- Michael Key - Haleyville, AL

"Mack’s Shooter’s Putty is the best I've ever used. It's so comfortable, you can't even tell it's in your ear."

- Jimmy Austin - Stuttgart, AR

"I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and wore Mack’s Shooter’s Putty during our annual firearms training. I shot my 357 mag, sighted in my 300 win mag deer rifle, and shot 3 boxes of shotgun shells at skeet. I found these earplugs to be the best I’ve ever used, by far."

- Eric R. Lampe - Willard, MO

"I'm a law enforcement firearms instructor and while testing Mack's Shooter’s Putty at the range, I found them to be the most comfortable earplugs I have ever used! They’re also excellent for blocking out noise."

- Richard Ballou - Woodstock, CT

"My wife and I use your Mack's Earplugs for sleeping, travel and for target practice for hunting.  She's hooked and enjoys the
ability to rest her cheek/ear on the rifle without her bulky headphones disrupting her shot.  Thank you!"

- Greg B., Neurosurgeon - Saint Joseph, MO

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.