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Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask

Item # 70
"After going through many eye masks, I have finally found one "Mack's Shut-Eye Shade" that I really like.  Besides the adjustable straps and smooth satin material, some other characteristics that make it comfortable for me are the contoured shape and padded nose bridge that keeps light out and prevents the mask from pressing against my eyelids.
I have worn it many times for long trips and day naps. This has given me the chance to truly test how effective it is when it comes to keeping light out of my eyes and it has worked pretty well.  I would highly recommend this eye mask for travelers. It has made my trips a lot more comfortable."

- Marina K. Villatoro, Central America Travel Expert, pick of the week - Hewitt, NJ

"Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask is the best product to get totally dark sleep. It blocks out any ray of light. I never sleep without it."

- Jacquelin - Baton Rouge, LA

"This Mack's eye mask is great! My dorm has an overhead light and the top of my loft is about a foot away from the overhead light, so when I sleep my face is basically right underneath the light. I put this mask on with the light on and it was completely dark! The straps are easily adjustable so the mask is NEVER too tight or too loose and it is easy to fall asleep even though it is wrapped around your head! This mask is especially great if you have a roommate or loved one who needs to stay up while you are trying to sleep. I absolutely love this mask and if you buy it you will NOT regret it!"

- Saginaw, MI

"Mack's Shut-Eye Sleep Mask is the best I have ever owned!  I left mine on the airplane on my way to Denmark, so I'm buying my second one. Completely dark, fits perfectly."

- Chicago, IL

"I think this Mack's Shut-Eye Sleep Shade is terrific!! I get migraines and become VERY sensitive to light, and it blocks out the light completely. I think it is really comfortable.  My friends all love this mask as much as I do. I wear mine every night (daytime use is additional because of my occasional migraines).  In fact, I am online tonight to order another Mack's eye mask to take to the hospital with me when I deliver my baby. It truly is a great product and I HIGHLY recommended it!"

- Tonya - Las Vegas, NV

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.