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Dreamweaver Sleep Mask

Item # 2034
"I have personally tested all sorts of sleep masks, and this one is the best, and absolute cat's meow of sleep masks!

It is pricier that all those cheap-o, wannabe masks out there, but believe me, if you value a good night's sleep, it is money well spent.

The fabric is soft, the double elastics allow for nearly surgical precision fit, and the contouring is spot-on. Around the nose, it prevents the light from leaking, and around the eyes, it ensures there is zero pressure on your eyeballs. You can even wear the Dreamweaver sleep mask for a quick nap, or meditation, all while you're in full eye makeup, falsies and all. You can wear it in broad daylight, and under the mask, it will be pitch black - something that shift workers might find of particular interest.

Having used the Dreamweaver sleep mask for many years now (I replace it when I feel it stretched a bit too much), I have nothing but high praise for this sleep mask, and would not even bother with the knock-offs."

- Joanna Gil - Alberta, Canada

The Dreamweaver kit comes in a small, easy to bag drawstring bag with the comfortable mask and a set of terrific ear plugs. It's the type of thing that would be great to find in airline amenity kits.

- Mark C

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