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Macks hi viz double up shooting earmuffs 34 db NRR best ear muffs soft foam ear plugs

Shooting Hi Viz* Double-Up® Earmuffs


  • Mack’s Hi-Viz earmuffs lime green color (ANSI fluorescent yellow-green) is the most visible color to the human eye making them the superior solution for:
    1. Compliance Checks (monitoring hunters and shooters on the range): Utilizing the most luminous color, Mack’s Hi-Viz earmuffs allow for faster, more efficient, and more accurate compliance checks, especially at greater distances and under different light and weather conditions.
    2. Fast acquisition for critical use: Mack’s Hi-Viz earmuffs give hunters and shooters the best chance to quickly visually locate for immediate use when under unexpected or sudden shooting situations.
    3. Finding if dropped or lost: Superior luminescence makes Mack’s Hi-Viz earmuffs easier to locate. Utilizing the brightest color to the human eye gives hunters and shooters the best chance of finding earmuffs if lost.
  • *Meets American National Standards Institute’s highest luminescent factor Requirement of 70% for Hi-Viz safety apparel
  • According to ANSI, there are no alternative colors as luminous as fluorescent yellow-green. Mack’s Hi-Viz earmuffs are the most visible color available.
  • Ultimate hearing protection system (earmuffs + earplugs)
  • Low Profile Earmuffs – ultra-lightweight; fully adjustable and foldable; fits kids to adults; super soft, padded ear cups and headband for maximum comfort
  • Earplugs – 5 Pair Hi Viz* Soft Foam for all-day comfort; extreme noise blocker
  • Great for tactical training, hunting, range shooting, target shooting, loud events, skeet and trap shooting
  • High Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) – 34 decibels – when earmuffs and earplugs are worn together (earmuffs used alone – 24 dB; earplugs used alone -32 dB)
  • For more information, click on this VIDEOwhich does a great job of explaining why lime green is the most visible color to the human eye.
Noise Reduction Information Noise Reduction Information







  1. Pull cups outward and position so the cushions fully enclose the ears while sealing tightly against the head.
  2. Adjust the height of each cup equally on both ears while holding headband on crown of head to create a snug and comfortable fit. With earmuffs over both ears, push cushions towards head.

If there is not a noticeable difference in noise level, earmuffs are probably not fitted properly. To obtain proper fit, repeat fitting instructions.


Warnings & Precautions

Noise reduction is adversely affected by anything that impairs the seal of the earmuff cushions. Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.


Care and Cleaning Instructions

Clean outside of muffs regularly with soap and lukewarm water. Do not immerse in water. Do not store muffs in temperatures above 130° F (55° C). Muffs should be regularly inspected for cracked or worn parts and replaced as needed. Typical life for foam muff cushions is 6 months.






  1. With clean hands, roll plug into a tight, crease-free cylinder.
  2. With opposite hand, reach over head and pull up and back on outer ear to straighten ear canal.
  3. Quickly insert earplug well into ear canal and hold in until it expands for a comfortable, secure fit.
  4. WARNING: Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.

Discard after several uses or as soon as dirt or wax accumulates on earplugs.



Urethane foam


Warnings & Precautions

Remove earplug slowly with twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Rapid removal may damage eardrum. Keep away from infants and small children. These earplugs are non-toxic, but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe, which could lead to serious injury or death.






Place earmuffs carefully on head after earplugs have been inserted. Refer to Directions for Earmuffs Only and Earplugs Only for proper fitting procedures.


Warnings & Precautions

See Earmuffs Only

See Earplugs Only


What’s included in the Double-Up® Earmuff System?

  • Low-profile, lightweight, foldable and fully adjustable earmuffs
  • 5 pairs of Mack’s® Hi Viz* Soft Foam Ear Plugs


Why is it always a good idea to wear ear plugs and earmuffs together?

The practice of wearing two layers of hearing protection simultaneously is called “Doubling-up.” Hearing protection is often improperly applied/worn, and wearing safety glasses, “butting up” or head or facial hair can sometimes allow noise to incidentally sneak past the cushioned seals on earmuffs. By doubling-up with earplugs and earmuffs, the user has an added layer of protection to help minimize the harmful effects of incidental noise intrusion when it occurs. Incidental exposure aside, doubling-up increases noise reduction performance and maximizes the user’s protection factor. It’s your hearing. Protect it.


Will these earmuffs fit kids?

The earmuffs are adjustable and designed to fit kids to adults.


Are the earmuffs bulky and uncomfortable, like others I’ve tried?

Because these earmuffs are low-profile, lightweight, fully adjustable and feature a padded band, users find them very comfortable.


Do you offer replacement parts or hygiene kits for these earmuffs?

No, but the earmuffs can be cleaned by gently wiping them down with mild soap and water.


We appreciate your interest in our products. If you have used this product or any of Mack’s® hearing protection, sleep mask, swimmer’s ear prevention, ear drying aid, lens wipe or earwax removal ear drop products, we invite you to share your experience by way of a testimonial. We are excited to hear what you have to say! Your testimonial will be shared with others so they may also benefit from our products and experience similar improvements in their lives. Thanks for helping make Mack’s® USA’s best selling, #1 doctor recommended brand of ear plugs.
– Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.

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