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Protect your most precious tool, your EARS! I sing in a very loud metal band Even rehearsals can be taxing. However, with the help of Mack’s® HearPlugs High Fidelity Musician’s Ear Plugs, the whole gang can plug these bad boys in and go the distance without ear fatigue or sacrificing sound clarity. Plus with the cool keychain carrying case, there is no excuse not to have them by our sides 100% of the time. With such a wide variety of hearing protection products, Mack’s® is truly the #1 ear plug brand!

- Jordan Gaw - St. Louis, MO - Vocalist for Final Drive

I have tested the Mack’s® HearPlugs High Fidelity Musician’s Earplugs in many different situations and adore them more and more. They do exactly what they should; make the music quieter, without diminishing the sound quality. Whether you're up on stage in a small pub, or rocking out in the nosebleed section of a Motley Crue concert, the result is the same; these things ROCK!

- Addie Nicole - Tempe, AZ - Lead Vocalist with Halocene -

"I play in several bands ( ) and tour throughout the U.S. and I've developed tinnitus over the years from allowing my ears to go unprotected. No more! With Mack's variety of ear plugs, I can choose a fully closed option, like Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs or a filtered solution, like Mack’s Hear Plugs High Fidelity Musician’s Ear Plugs to allow me to hear more highs. I recommend Mack's to all my band mates!”

- David Victor - Los Angeles, CA

"We love our hearing as well as good live music! Mack's High Fidelity Musician’s Ear Plugs are amazing for keeping out damaging frequencies and noise levels while still letting the content of the music in. Very impressive!!!! Thanks Mack's!!!"

- Kristy and Corey Falterman - New Orleans, LA

“Mack’s HearPlugs High Fidelity Ear Plugs are great. Things sound clear, I can hear my vocal pitch well in a loud stage environment, and the low-profile design is an added bonus. I've since added the earplugs to my key chain and touring rucksack. I'll be telling my musician friends about these. Thanks!”

- Henry Nam - Philadelphia, PA - Piano/Keyboard, Acoustic - Percussive Guitar with Sheltered Turtle

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- Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.