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Ear Dryer

Ear Dryer


  • Dry your ears naturally with warm, soothing air
  • Invented by an ENT doctor to safely and effectively dry the ear canal where bacteria and fungi can grow
  • Dries water from swimmers’ ears in about one minute
  • Provides controlled maximum temperature, airflow, cycle time and noise volume
  • Safe and comfortable for all ages
  • Removes moisture buildup behind hearing aids, providing a more secure fit
  • Eliminates the need for ear drying drops and unsafe cotton swabs
  • Doctor recommended for use after swimming, bathing, water sports, scuba, hearing aid use, etc.
  • Folds shut for convenient storage and travel
  • Includes 4 color-coded, washable earpieces for better hygiene between multiple users
  • Cordless (requires 3 AA batteries)





How To Use Video


Dries water in ear canal after swimming, bathing/showering, workouts and water sports



1. Insert batteries.
Open battery compartment door on bottom of the Ear Dryer unit and insert 3 new “AA” batteries as indicated. Close battery door.


2. Open unit.
Your Ear Dryer comes with a pre-attached silicone earpiece. For better hygiene, each user should select a colored earpiece for their personal use. If you wish to change ear pieces, see the following instructions.


To remove earpiece – Grasp earpiece with the thumb and forefinger. Twist and pull earpiece away from Ear Dryer unit.

To install earpiece – Hold earpiece centered over opening. Push and twist earpiece so it sits flush against the surface of the Ear Dryer.


3. Towel off any excess moisture from ear, then push ON/OFF button to start drying cycle. (Power light illuminates when unit is ON)

Gently place Ear Dryer earpiece into the ear until drying cycle is complete. It is not necessary to push earpiece fully into ear canal. Simply seat earpiece on outside of ear canal and adjust dryer angle until you feel maximum airflow into ear canal.


Early in the drying cycle, you may feel a cooling sensation in your ear. A warm, soothing sensation will take over as the drying cycle completes.


The Ear Dryer will run for the amount of time required to fully dry most ear canals before shutting off (approximately 85 seconds). If desired, you may stop the Ear Dryer at any time during the drying cycle by pressing the ON/OFF button.


Repeat additional drying cycles as needed, and as often as required. Simply press button again to start a new drying cycle.


Contents of Box

1 Portable, folding Ear Dryer

4 Color-coded reusable earpieces

1 Instruction leaflet (read before using)

(3 AA batteries not included)


Cleaning Instructions

WARNING: DO NOT IMMERSE Ear Dryer in water. Earpieces should be cleaned after each use, especially if you have an ear infection.


To clean earpiece, first remove it from the unit. Wipe down with warm, soapy water or rubbing alcohol. Rinse and dry.


To clean Ear Dryer, remove batteries from unit. Use a lightly dampened (not soaked) washcloth with mild soap or rubbing alcohol. DO NOT use strong detergents or industrial chemicals. Make sure no water or moisture enters the Ear Dryer openings (battery cover, earpiece hole, air intake vent, etc.) as it may damage the unit. Wipe dry with clean towel.


Warnings & Precautions

WARNINGS: Choking hazard: Keep earpieces out of reach of children. When Ear Dryer is used by children, adult supervision is required. Use Ear Dryer for its intended purpose only, as described in these instructions. Do not use attachments except those provided with the unit or by McKeon Products. Do not insert foreign objects into the openings of the Ear Dryer. Never leave Ear Dryer in direct sunlight or store at temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep Ear Dryer away from heated surfaces. To prevent damage to internal components, do not set the Ear Dryer on a wet surface, immerse it in any liquids, or use/store it in a manner that may expose it to liquids. Removing the batteries is recommended if Ear Dryer is not in use for extended periods of time. When discarding Ear Dryer, first remove batteries, then recycle according to local guidelines.


Consult your physician in the following situations:
You have an ear infection or ear disease, you experience drainage from the ear or pain in the ear, you are using antibiotic drops prescribed by your doctor, if the ear canal becomes irritated or there is excessive itching.


NOTE: The Ear Dryer is not designed to eliminate excess earwax.




If I am experiencing problems with my Ear Dryer not working properly, how can I get help with warranty repair, parts and service?
Mack’s® Ear Dryer comes with a 1 year limited warranty – DOWNLOAD MACK’S® EAR DRYER WARRANTY FORM 

Mack’s® Ear Dryer Warranty Repair and Service Address:
Mack’s® Ear Dryer Warranty Service
25460 Guenther
Warren, MI, 48091
Phone: 586 427 7560

***If you have the older rechargeable style ear dryer and have questions regarding replacement parts and functionality, please refer to the lower section of these FAQ’s.


Why should I keep my outer ear canals dry?
Basic biology teaches that all living things need water to grow. Bacteria & fungi can grow in a moist ear canal. By using Mack’s® Ear Dryer to keep your outer ear canals dry, you eliminate the moisture media where germs can grow, thus decreasing the possibility of getting ear infections like swimmer’s ear.


Does the Ear Dryer prevent swimmer’s ear, surfer’s ear and outer ear infections?
Mack’s® Ear Dryer is an ear drying device and that’s all it claims to be. We don’t claim to prevent swimmer’s ear, surfer’s ear or any other outer ear infections. However, the Ear Dryer is designed to treat ear disorders by drying the ear canal. Medical articles that discuss the treatment of swimmer’s ear, surfer’s ear and outer ear infections emphasize the importance of keeping the outer ear canal dry. We guarantee that by properly using the Ear Dryer, your ear canals will be dried quickly and effectively.


How long does it take Mack’s® Ear Dryer to dry my ears?
The Ear Dryer has been designed with an 85 second cycle time that has been shown to be effective in drying most ear canals. When using Mack’s® Ear Dryer, you will feel a cooling sensation as the water evaporates from your ear canal. Shortly after you feel the cooling evaporative process end, your ear canal should be dry. For most people, this will occur in about a minute. For persons with larger ear canals due to surgical procedures or other reasons, the process may require an additional drying cycle.


Which type and size batteries does the new style Ear Dryer require and how long do they last? Can I use rechargeable batteries? Is there any battery type I should NOT use?
The Ear Dryer requires 3 AA – 1.5 Volt household batteries (Lithium, Carbon Zinc or Alkaline).
Rechargeable 1.2V NiCd and NiMH batteries will work with the product, but with slightly reduced performance, because of the 20% lower voltage than the recommended 1.5V batteries.

***DO NOT USE 3.7 Volt rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. While these are almost the exact same dimensions as AA batteries, these are NOT AA batteries. These are becoming popular, especially for high powered LED flashlights. These will damage the unit or any product designed for use with standard 1.5V AA batteries.

To ensure proper functioning, carefully follow the battery insertion diagram depicted in the directions and on the outside of the battery compartment door and/or match the image here: MACK’S® EAR DRYER – BATTERY INSTALLATION IMAGE. Also check to make sure the batteries are fresh and have not expired. In our tests with fresh, high quality batteries, the Ear Dryer provided well over 50 run cycles. Depending on the quality of the batteries, their age, how they are stored and how often the Ear Dryer is used, your results may vary. Extreme hot or cold temperatures will decrease battery performance and battery life. Therefore, we recommend storing your Ear Dryer and batteries at room temperature. If you will not be using the Ear Dryer for extended periods of time, we recommend removing the batteries to help prevent battery corrosion and damage to the unit (which can happen as the result of aging batteries).

*If you have the older style Ear Dryer with the rechargeable battery/charger, refer to the last question in these FAQs for more information.


When I insert the batteries, the Ear Dryer immediately starts up and won’t shut off. Is it broken?
No. If this happens (you’ll also notice that the power light does not illuminate) it is a sign that you have installed the batteries improperly. To ensure proper functioning, carefully follow the battery insertion diagram depicted on the outside of the battery compartment door and/or match the image here: MACK’S® EAR DRYER – BATTERY INSTALLATION IMAGE. Also check to make sure the batteries are fresh and have not expired.


Should I change all the batteries at the same time?
We recommend changing all batteries in a device at the same time. A partially used battery will drain energy from a new battery, reducing the total amount of battery power available. To minimize the chances of battery leakage problems, do not mix and match different battery brands in the same device. Also, remove batteries from devices that are being stored or not being used for extended periods of time.


Do I need to use a certain type of battery in my device?
Yes.  It’s very important to use the battery size and type specified in the owners manual. We recommend using alkaline batteries for best performance. Zinc carbon batteries have inferior life spans and may cause equipment to not operate properly. To minimize the chances of battery leakage problems, do not mix and match different battery brands in the same device.


How can I clean up the battery compartment and terminals after a battery leaks?
In a well-ventilated area, wearing gloves and glasses, use a toothbrush or cotton swab to remove the battery leakage from the electrical contacts and compartment.  If stubborn leakage remains, use either one tablespoon of boric acid in one gallon of water or a mixture of equal amounts of diluted vinegar or lemon juice with water (50/50 ratio). Lightly dampen a cotton swab with the mixture and wipe the areas of leakage clean, taking care to swap out a soiled cotton swab for a fresh one as needed. Allow the area ample time to dry completely before trying a new battery. To minimize the chances of future leakage problems, do not mix and match different battery brands in the same device.  Also, remove batteries from devices that are being stored or not being used for extended periods of time.


Is it ok to mix old and new batteries?
Do not mix old and new batteries. Doing so will reduce overall performance and may cause the batteries to leak or rupture. We recommend replacing all of the batteries within a device.  To minimize the chances of battery leakage problems, do not mix and match different battery brands in the same device. Also, remove batteries from devices that are being stored or not being used for extended periods of time.


How often should I use Mack’s® Ear Dryer?
As often as you feel a need to remove water from your ears. People who suffer from outer ear infections and swimmer’s ear are advised to keep their ears dry as much as possible. Those engaged in water sports may dry their ear canals multiple times per day to prevent swimmer’s ear. Hearing Aid wearers often dry the sweat and moisture in their ear canals multiple times per day in order to maintain the best fit.


Why does Mack’s® Ear Dryer have different colored earpieces?
Each Mack’s® Ear Dryer comes with 4 interchangeable, color-coded earpieces, so that each family member can have their own color-coded earpiece. This helps promote good hygiene and decreases the chance of spreading infections such as swimmer’s ear; similar to brushing your teeth with your own toothbrush.


Why is Mack’s® Ear Dryer better than other devices and methods?
The Ear Dryer emits warm air that is regulated close to your body temperature. This is important as your ears are the balance center of your body. By emitting warm air, the ear canals are dried. By regulating the temperature so that it reflects your body’s temperature, you are ensured a comfortable and effective drying experience. Other methods such as a hair dryer or similar blowing device are not custom made to the sensitive requirements of your ears. Time, temperature, air flow, and noise levels are not regulated with other devices, which can render them unsafe. Ear drops, while effective, may be considered less comfortable. The simplicity combined with the safety and effectiveness of the Ear Dryer makes it a truly effective and superior ear drying device.


Is Mack’s® Ear Dryer sanitary to use?
Yes. The only portion of the Ear Dryer that comes in contact with your ear is the removable earpiece. Because you can remove the earpiece, it is very easy to clean after each use using warm soap and water or rubbing alcohol. In addition, your Ear Dryer comes equipped with 4 different-colored earpieces, so that each member of your family can use their own earpiece.

Warning: If you are experiencing pain in your ears and you use Mack’s® Ear Dryer, be sure to thoroughly clean the earpiece with hot, soapy water and rubbing alcohol before using it in your other ear. This will reduce the potential of infecting your healthy ear by using an unclean earpiece in your non-infected ear.


Is Mack’s® Ear Dryer safe for daily use?
Yes. Mack’s® Ear Dryer is safe for daily use. Mack’s® Ear Dryer was designed by a medical doctor that specializes in treatment of the ear, known in the medical field as an Otolaryngologist or ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor). It is designed to be the safest, most effective, most comfortable, and most convenient method for drying the ear canal where bacteria and fungi can grow. In addition, the American Academy of Otolaryngology, the world’s largest organization representing specialists who treat the ear, nose and throat, suggests using ear plugs to keep water out of the ears, or drying wet or moist ear canals to help prevent the painful ear infection known as Swimmer’s Ear (or otitis externa). The operating sound level of the ear dryer is well below the safe noise level threshold of 85 decibels set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Other ear drying methods have been known to be too loud, too strong and to cause burns. Designed to precisely regulate the cycle time, temperature, noise level and airflow through a custom-designed, soft rubber exhausting tip, you can feel safe using Mack’s® Ear Dryer.


Can young children use Mack’s® Ear Dryer safely?
Yes, however children under 5-years of age should be supervised by an adult. Similar to teaching a young child to use a toothbrush, the key concerns with small children are:

1) Making sure they don’t apply unnecessary pressure and hurt themselves.

2) Making sure they use it long enough to actually dry the ear.

3) Making sure they don’t damage the device by dropping it or getting it wet.


If I have surfer’s ear or an ear infection, like swimmer’s ear, can I use Mack’s® Ear Dryer?
You should first consult your physician any time you are having problems with your ears. Once you have done that, you can safely use the Ear Dryer to keep your ear canals dry by limiting the contact with the ear. With outer ear infections like swimmer’s ear your ears will likely be sensitive. The lack of contact with the ear may require an additional drying cycle to completely dry the ears. Also, be sure to change and/or wash the earpiece with hot, soapy water and rubbing alcohol before using it in your other ear. This will reduce the potential of infecting your healthy ear by using an unclean earpiece in your non-infected ear.


Is the Ear Dryer safe for use on individuals with tubes in their ears?
Yes, Mack’s® Ear Dryer is safe to use when middle ear ventilation tubes are in place because the Ear Dryer introduces only warm dry air into the ear canal. The Ear Dryer does not however dry the tubes themselves or any water that may have been introduced into the tubes. It only dries the outer ear canal itself.


Is Mack’s® Ear Dryer safe for individuals who have perforated eardrums or mastoid bowls?
Yes, the Ear Dryer introduces only warm dry air into the middle ear or mastoid bowl, and it is the retained moisture that can cause problems for these individuals. However, the drying process may take more than one cycle to completely dry the ear canal.


Are there any side effects from using Mack’s® Ear Dryer?
For most people there are no side effects. However, a very small number of people who have extremely sensitive ear canals and certain diseases of the inner ear may experience a brief episode of dizziness when using the Ear Dryer. All of these occur in individuals who have some sort of underlying and/or pre-existing disease:  The most common is ACTIVE Menier’s Disease (quiescent Menier’s is very rarely effected) where the person is already dizzy, patients with perilymphatic fistulas, followed by patients who have had a surgical procedures where the labyrinth has been exposed to a greater degree than normal:  canal up or down mastoidectomy, transmastoid endolymphatic shunt, and transmastoid removal of an acoustic neuroma.  It is also possible, though highly unlikely, that dizziness from other metabolic diseases could be exacerbated. If you experience this dizziness, cease using the Ear Dryer immediately and please report the incident to our customer service department at (586) 427 7560.


Will Mack’s® Ear Dryer clean the wax out of my ears?
Mack’s® Ear Dryer is not a cleaning device in any way. Its sole function is to remove trapped water from swimmers’ ears, surfers’ ears and moisture from the ear canal after showers, hearing aid use, exercise or any other activity that results in ear moisture.


Can I return Mack’s® Ear Dryer if I don’t like it?
Yes. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for ANY reason you do not like or want your Mack’s® Ear Dryer, just return everything in its original condition and packaging, along with your receipt to the place of purchase.


How long will Mack’s® Ear Dryer last?
Mack’s® Ear Dryer was designed to last for years with proper use and handling. Our manufacturer’s warranty is good for 1 year, but Mack’s® Ear Dryer will easily outlast the warranty with normal use.


Do I need more than one Mack’s® Ear Dryer for each member of the family?
Unlike other devices on the market, Mack’s® Ear Dryer is equipped with interchangeable earpieces. Each unit comes complete with 4 earpieces. As a result, you only NEED one Ear Dryer unit to service the entire family, making it the most convenient and cost effective method available. However, many swimmers, hearing aid users, and boat enthusiasts find it useful to have one at home and one in their place of recreation such as in their gym bag, on their boat, near the pool, etc.


What are the earpieces made of and do they contain latex?
The earpieces are made of silicone and do not contain any latex.


Is Mack’s® Ear Dryer covered by medical insurance?
No. We’re sorry, but there is no insurance coverage for Mack’s® Ear Dryer at this time. If this changes, we’ll update this answer promptly.


Have any clinical studies been done which verify the health benefits of using Mack’s® Ear Dryer?
Yes. For information on this study, read the following: New Non-Medical Treatment for Chronic Mastoid Bowl, Ear Canal, and Middle Ear Disease with Tympanic Membrane Disease. For thousands of years Physicians and Surgeons have struggled with acute and chronic ear disease. In the not so distant past an episode of simple otitis media could have been life threatening. We have also observed from archeological digs that ancient Egyptians recognized chronic ear and mastoid disease and treated it by performing a type of mastoidectomy. Modern antibiotics have reduced the seriousness of these diseases, but the problem of chronic middle ear and mastoid disease persists in virtually every Otologist and Otolaryngologist’s practice. The problem lies not in our technology, surgical procedures, or medications, but in the fact that the ear canal and mastoid cavity are relatively deep recess in the skull that are difficult to keep clean and dry. As a result, these ears are a rich environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The author envisioned a device to keep these chronic ears dry so that the skin of these canals and cavities could re-epithealize and form normal skin appendages. This was based on the observation that successfully treated chronic ears and cavities did exactly this, and remained disease and relatively maintenance free for years after treatment. The Mack’s® Ear Dryer ear canal drying device was designed, patented, and produced. A study was designed to assess whether the ear canal or mastoid cavity was effectively dried by the device and the efficacy of the treatment in clearing chronic disease. The absence of adverse reactions and the ease and comfort of use of the device were also evaluated. Eleven patients with chronic middle ear with tympanic membrane perforation or mastoid cavity disease where selected based on the fact that their disease had persisted for one to ten years despite repeated medical and/or surgical treatment. Four other patients were selected who wore hearing aids and experience recurrent external otitis as a result of moisture accumulation in the ear canal. Each of these patients was given a device and instructed to use it twice daily, and as needed for moisture in the ear. Each was then examined monthly for six months. Additionally, two devices were used in a general Otolaryngology practice to dry ears after irrigations to remove cerumen and prior to application of powdered antibiotics when the ears were moist from infection. No patient was lost to follow-up.

The results of the study were as follows: All patients with chronic middle ear disease with TM perforation or mastoid cavity disease experienced resolution of both the moisture and purulent drainage within three months. After returning the devices at six months, all eleven patients’ ears/cavities remained free of disease for a seven-month period of follow up. All patients who wore hearing aids noted no further difficulty wearing the aids resulting from moisture or infections, and were able to wear the aids by using the device immediately after showering and swimming. The devices used in our clinic reduced the incidence of external otitis after ear canal irrigation from one to two cases monthly to two cases over a thirteen-month period. There were no adverse reactions to using the device such as injury to the ear canal or TM, caloric responses, electrical injuries, or exacerbation of cerumen impactions. No patient or technician experienced difficulty in using the device, even in the arthritic hands of two elderly patients. Although this study involved a small number of patients and spanned only a thirteen-month period, the results suggest that chronic middle ear disease with tympanic membrane perforation, chronic mastoid bowl disease, and troublesome ear canal disease can be effectively treated by the use of this inexpensive, easy to use, ear canal drying device. Further investigation is clearly warranted.

Dr. Hamilton P. Collins II – Board-Certified Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon and Facial Plastic Surgeon with 34 years of experience in solo private practice in Hemet, California.


How does Mack’s® Ear Dryer dry my ear canals?
The patented Mack’s® Ear Dryer has a customized computer chip which directs the heater and fan to blow a regulated flow of warm air into the ear canal. The color-coded earpiece channels the warm air into your outer ear canal. Each earpiece is specially designed to exhaust the airflow from the ear canal along with the evaporating moisture. In most cases all the moisture trapped in your ear will evaporate in about a minute, leaving your outer ear canal dry and safe.



I have noticed that the battery in my Ear Dryer has been slowly delivering fewer and fewer cycles per charge and I think it may be time to replace it. What type of battery does it use and how can I get a replacement battery?
Mack’s® Ear Dryer is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery similar to those found in cell phones. This battery will last for years with regular use. If the battery life has been decreasing over time, similar to how a cell phone battery goes bad, the battery probably needs to be replaced. If the loss of performance is very abrupt and the unit seems to lack the ability to restore a charge to the battery, and/or the unit will not start while the battery is in place and the unit is plugged in, it is possible the unit may be in need of service. Please contact us for instructions on how to proceed. If you feel the battery needs replacing (this can also be determined by a skilled battery retailer) you can purchase a replacement battery online or through your local specialty battery retailer. It is best to take the ear dryer unit, battery and charger with you as some retailers are able to diagnose/confirm the cause of failure for you. Tell them that the specs on the original battery are as follows; Fits Nokia 8210 cell phones Lithium-Ion 3.7V 750mAh/2.77wh. Please recycle the spent battery according to your local recycling guidelines.


I have misplaced/broken the wall plug/battery charger that came with my Ear Dryer unit. How can I get a replacement charger?
You can contact us to purchase a replacement or try your local electronics supply store. Remember to take the ear dryer with you so that they can make sure the male plug on the charger matches the female charge port on the ear dryer. Tell them that the specs on the original charger are as follows; Input AC100-240V Output DC4 2V-700mA


How many times can I operate the Ear Dryer before I need to recharge the battery?
With a fully charged battery, you will be able to operate the Ear Dryer about 50 times before needing to recharge the device. That equates to about 25 uses before recharging, assuming you dry both ears every time you use the Ear Dryer.


How do I know when recharging is complete and if I leave it plugged in overnight, will it hurt the battery?
A full charge of a completely dead battery will require 5 hours of recharging. However, in just two hours you can charge the battery to about 85% of a full charge, which will enable you to use the Ear Dryer for over 40 cycles. Because the battery is lithium ion, it does not have “memory” and can therefore be charged for varying lengths of time without damage.


If I am experiencing problems with my Ear Dryer not working properly, how can I get help with warranty repair, parts and service?
Mack’s® Ear Dryer comes with a 1 year limited warranty –  DOWNLOAD MACK’S® EAR DRYER WARRANTY FORM 

Mack’s® Ear Dryer Warranty Repair and Service Address:
Mack’s® Ear Dryer Warranty Service
25460 Guenther
Warren, MI, 48091
Phone: 586-427-7560

Regarding warranty service/repair of Sahara brand ear dryers; Sahara and Mack’s® are completely separate brands and business entities. Sahara is no longer in business. While we cannot honor Sahara’s warranty, if you are interested, we can try to repair or service your Sahara brand ear dryer. Upon receipt of the unit and diagnosis of the problem, we’ll contact you with estimated charges to cover parts and return shipping.


“We rely on Mack’s Ear Dryer so heavily that I want to have one on hand when/if the other one ever breaks. My boys, who wear hearing aids, do not get outer ear infections (swimmer’s ear) as long as we keep their ears dry. So we make sure to use the ear dryer right after getting out of the pool, and every night when they remove their hearing aids. We use it nightly throughout the colder months as well, as their ear canals build up moisture during the day with the hearing aids in. Keeping their ear canals dry has really helped us avoid infections. Thanks!”

– Michelle G. – Naperville, IL


“My wife and I use Mack’s® Ear Dryer, personally, to help prevent swimmer’s ear infections and upper respiratory infections. We live and practice in Hawaii, so we see lots of patients with water-related ear issues. I recommend Mack’s® Ear Dryer to my patients for use after swimming, surfing, bathing and hearing aid use.”

– Dr. Ronald P. Peroff – ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Otolaryngologist – Honolulu, HI


“I tell everyone about your ear dryer…we LOVE it!  Thanks to Mack’s Ear Dryer, my 9 year old son has not had an ear infection the entire summer!!! Prior to discovering the ear dryer, the ENT was suggesting ear tubes. Mack’s Ear Dryer helped us have a wonderful summer!!  I just wish we’d discovered it sooner!”

– Lori T. – Algonquin, IL


“My family has used Mack’s Ear Dryer for a few years and it has been a lifesaver for us!  We scuba dive and when we do multiple dives we need to keep our ears dry between dives.  We can’t afford to get otitis externa (Swimmer’s Ear) or our dive trip would be over.  We recommend it to all fellow divers. ”

– Dr. Friedel Cunningham, Au.D. – Tarzana, CA


“I bought one of your Mack’s® EarDryers and I cannot believe how much I like it! I’ve been a swimmer for many years.  I’ve had swimmer’s ear at least a hundred times. My children also swim and they often get swimmer’s ear. I am so satisfied with your product.  Thanks for making Mack’s® EarDryer.  It’s fantastic!!!”

– Kathy Zamsky – Seattle, WA


“My family has owned a Mack’s ear dryer for years, and it has saved all of my children from swimmer’s ear infections countless times. My kids used to get swimmer’s ear every summer, but have not ever since we bought the ear dryer and use it diligently after every swimming session. We’ve recommended the ear dryer to fellow swimmers.”

– Anne Young – Apex, NC


“Excellent product! Prevention is always a must! If someone has too great of an inclined angle between the ear drum and the external auditory canal, it is a predisposition factor for external otitis (swimmer’s ear infection). This product is very good to prevent external otitis.”

– Tania Sih – M.D.-Ph.D. – Chair person of the Pediatric Committee for IFOS (International Federation of Otolaryngological Societies) – SP, Brazil


“Every time we’d go on vacation, our daughter, Makayla, would get a painful, nasty, swimmer’s ear infection. She would have a miserable time and instead of having fun at the beach or pool, we’d be stuck at the doctor’s office. Not this time! For the first time in years, the whole family had a blast on our Caribbean cruise thanks to Mack’s ear dryer keeping her ears dry and infection-free. She loved using the ear dryer by herself and even used it to dry our ears as well. Thanks so much!”

– Amanda and Derek Vizzini – Troy, MI


“I bought four of these ear dryers for my grandchildren who all were getting earaches. Since they have been using the dryers, hardly any earaches at all. I highly recommend using them for your children or grandchildren. Love the product.”

– Chrystal Munro – Clinton Township, MI


I found this product while looking for options to protect my ears during multiple scuba dives. I have a tendency to hold water and get ear infections. I love this product. This works better than advertised. I use Mack’s Ear Dryer everyday after showers as well as between and after dives. It is not only a must-have for divers but for everyone. My mother and her friends got one too.

– Rob C. – Puerto Rico


I’m a free diver and event coordinator for the National Freshwater Spearfishing Association. At the National Freshwater Spearfishing Tournament, I gave my Mack’s Ear Dryer to a fellow competitor from Hawaii that was having trouble with water in his ears and was struggling. After taking it home and using it that night and the following day, he returned with the most fish on the final day and won the individual competition as well as placing first in the team division! True story!

– Brett L. – Shallowater, TX


We appreciate your interest in our products. If you have used this product or any of Mack’s® hearing protection, sleep mask, swimmer’s ear prevention, ear drying aid, lens wipe or earwax removal ear drop products, we invite you to share your experience by way of a testimonial. We are excited to hear what you have to say! Your testimonial will be shared with others so they may also benefit from our products and experience similar improvements in their lives. Thanks for helping make Mack’s® America’s best selling, #1 doctor recommended brand of ear plugs.
– Pete Benner, McKeon Products, Inc.

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