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Flightguard Airplane Pressure Relief Ear Plugs


  • Relieves ear pressure discomfort as the result of flying on airplanes
  • Unique PR3TM Design with Ceramic Filter is laboratory tested and proven to relieve air pressure
  • Flight-tested and Frequent Flyer approved*
  • Reduces noise for relaxation
  • Firm stem and super soft flanges ensure superior comfort and ease of use
  • Includes travel case
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) – 26 decibels



Noise Reduction Information Noise Reduction Information





Relieves ear pressure discomfort and reduces noise.



  1. Before inserting, with mouth closed and nose pinched closed, blow gently to clear and equalize any ear pressure. For best results, insert earplugs BEFORE takeoff and remove AFTER landing and cabin door has been opened. Earplugs may be removed at maximum cruising altitude, but ALWAYS insert 1 hour BEFORE landing.
  2. Reach over head and pull up and back on outer ear to straighten ear canal.
  3. With opposite hand, grasp earplug stem and insert by pressing forward in a circular motion to form an airtight seal.


Remove earplug slowly with twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Due to the excellent seal characteristics, rapid removal may damage eardrum. Do not push earplug into ear so far that you are unable to easily grasp the stem with thumb and forefinger. Do not use for sleeping while lying flat. Use only as directed.



Super-soft plastic


Warnings & Precautions

Keep away from infants and small children. This product is non-toxic, but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe, which could lead to serious injury or death. Improper fitting or disregard of the above recommendations will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.


Cleaning Instructions

Wash with mild soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly before reinserting into ear. Store in original case. Discard if earplugs come in contact with lubricants, solvents or other chemicals. Earplugs should be inspected regularly for serviceability. Replace hard, torn or deformed earplugs. If used daily, replace every 2 to 4 weeks.


“These earplugs were fantastic! They were very easy to put in and extremely comfortable. They lessened the noise on the flight to just the right level.”

– Aaron C. – Arlington, VA


“I thought the earplugs were very comfortable, as I have worn others that I could not keep in due to them not feeling right. I also thought that they kept out noise much better than previous ones that I have had. I will be using these again!”

– Bryan K. – Rogers, MN


“I liked how easy they were to insert. With severe allergy symptoms, I desperately needed something to help with pressure buildup. These worked like a charm.”

– James D. – Richmond, TX


“Extremely comfortable and noise abating. I was able to read without noise and not hearing other conversations. In short they are fantastic.”

– Frederick H. – Lincoln, RI


“I absolutely loved that these earplugs eliminated 99% of the engine and small children noise that I would have heard where I was seated on my most recent flight.”

– Amanda R. – Kent, WA


“These were very easy to carry and then put in when required. I have allergies and my ears always clog up when I fly. I found that this did not happen when I used these plugs. Very helpful. I also like the fact that they blocked out some of the noises.”

– Pam C. – Sugar Land, TX


“The product performed well. Its functionality surpassed my expectations. I was totally happy to use the product during my most recent flight. I’d definitely use this product again in the future. I am planning to tell my friends and family members about these new earplugs.”

– William G. – Miami, FL


“They are comfortable and the perfect size.”

– Jim K. – Des Plains, IL


Testimonials obtained during an independent consumer market research study completed by the BRG Market Research firm, November 2014.



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