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Baby Muffs

Baby Muffs™

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• Specially designed for babies and toddlers of ages
   3 months to 36 months
• Super soft ear pads (noise reducing foam
   covered with soft, faux leather)
• Earmuff shells made from sturdy, non-toxic ABS plastic
• Soft, adjustable, elastic/polyester headband
• Designed to fit smoothly without adding pressure to
   the vulnerable fontanel (soft spot)
• Great for sleeping, travel, parties, festivals, fireworks
   and reducing any loud noise
• Non-slip strip on the headband to help prevent
   slipping into the eyes
• Noise Reduction Rating – 17 decibels
Noise Reduction Information Noise Reduction Information







  1. Place the headband over the muffs
  2. Position one clip over each muff, leaving the headband in between
  3. Attach clips to muffs (press one side of each clip until it clicks)
    Clips have a two-step clicking mechanism
    – One click attaches the clip to the muff allowing the headband to move
    – Second click fixes the clip stronger to the muff and fixates muff to headband
    – One click should be used at this stage (to allow for proper positioning on baby)
  4. Place headband and muffs onto the head (adjusting muff position and hook and loop fastener as needed)
    – Make sure muffs seal the ear completely
    – Headband should keep muffs in place and feel comfortable (snug, but not too tight)
    – Headband should not block the eyes
  5. Fixate the muffs onto the headband (with second click) once proper muff position is achieved

If there is not a noticeable difference in noise level, earmuffs are probably not fitted properly. To obtain proper fit, repeat fitting instructions.


Warnings & Precautions

Noise reduction is adversely affected by anything that impairs the seal of the earmuff cushions. Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.


Care and Cleaning Instructions

Clean earmuffs with a damp cloth using lukewarm water and mild soap. Use only mild soaps known not to be harmful to the wearer. The headband is machine washable. Gentle cycle recommended. This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances. Refer to manufacturer for further information.


Why is it always a good idea to wear ear plugs and earmuffs together?

The practice of wearing two layers of hearing protection simultaneously is called “Doubling-up.” Hearing protection is often improperly applied/worn, and wearing safety glasses, “butting up” or head or facial hair can sometimes allow noise to incidentally sneak past the cushioned seals on earmuffs. By doubling-up with earplugs and earmuffs, the user has an added layer of protection to help minimize the harmful effects of incidental noise intrusion when it occurs. Incidental exposure aside, doubling-up increases noise reduction performance and maximizes the user’s protection factor. It’s your hearing. Protect it.

Who can wear these earmuffs?

The earmuffs are adjustable and designed to fit babies from 3 months old to 36 months old.

Are the earmuffs bulky and uncomfortable, like others I’ve tried?

Because these earmuffs are low-profile, lightweight, fully adjustable and feature a padded, elastic band, users find them very comfortable.

Do you offer replacement parts or hygiene kits for these earmuffs?

No, but the earmuffs can be cleaned by gently wiping them down with mild soap and water.

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